Join the “Group of 100,000” peace meditation and send your energy to these troubled areas the same moment James performs The Peace Concert. Every member of the group will receive a free online course called “Quantum Prayer.” Your only commitment is to spend 10 minutes on August 15 (when James is in Syria) and August 18 (when James is in Egypt) activating the prayer. This is our chance to have a true impact on world events!

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Redwood Highway will be released in theaters later this year.

For months I've been talking about one of our most important asset - our elders. I call them the Golden Indigos because they initiated the creative and spiritual movement we find ourselves in now. The Indigo Children would not have been possible if it wasn't for the Golden Indigos. It's time to honor them, and to welcome their wisdom!

Watch the Trailer for Redwood Highway

Last year my friend Gary Lundgren and I set out to make a film that would ignite this movement. I believe that we need many more movies that feature strong senior characters, and that's what we've done with Redwood Highway. The movie starts two time Academy Award nominee Shirley Knight, and features film legend Tom Skerritt, as well as a cast of other amazing actors. It will be released in theaters later this year, but before then it will be shown in more than 5000 senior communities at no cost. Did you get that? We believe in this movement so much that we'll show it for free in thousands of venues, just because this generation deserves it!

Watch the Behind the Scenes Clip

About Redwood Highway:

Redwood Highway is the story of 76 year old Marie (Shirley Knight) who hasn't seen the ocean in forty-five years but who isn’t too old to grow and change. She represents all of those wonderful, resilient people who lost someone far too young. In order to confront an earlier heartbreaking event and attend her granddaughter's wedding, she decides to walk 80 miles along the spectacular Redwood Highway to the ocean. Along the way she encounters people who help her heal her heart, and find the courage to see her journey through to the end, including a kind woodworker named Pete (Tom Skerritt).

How You Can Be Involved

Over the next several months we'll give you many ways to get the word out, and see the film at special screenings. Help us ignite a new movement, one that is long past due. Our Golden Indigos still have so much to offer us, and this is the way we can bring them well deserved attention.

I'll keep you posted!


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